Popular Myths Related To Buying Frozen Meat Like Honey Baked Ham Singapore

Meat has an important role to play in the majority of the menus. It is popular as it is a great source of minerals and protein. But meat is one of the most expensive items in your food budget, it is necessary to shop it wisely considering the quantity and quality, and to store properly and prepare different cuts and types of meats. Although eating fresh meat is a famous option preferred by most people, there are times when we need to go for frozen meat. As eating fresh meat is the most popular option, frozen cuts are often considered underrated. When the meat is professionally frozen, it remains as tasty and nutritious as the fresh version. This is the reason why more and more businesses are offering frozen meats in favorite cuts. So, if you are going to buy frozen meat for the first time, here are the popular myths about frozen meat you must know:

1. You can’t refreeze the cooked meats: One of the biggest myths of cooked meats like honey-baked ham Singapore is that you can’t refreeze them. But the truth is that if the meat is not left out for more than two hours, you can easily freeze or refreeze it. The latest freezer technology and the meat packaging techniques are very helpful in it.

2. You can’t freeze or refreeze thawed meat: This is another popular misconception about frozen meat. But experts mention that if you thaw the meat in the refrigerator and keep it cold, it will be safe. Although the meat may lose some flavors and moisture, if you consider safety, it is good to go. Once you thaw meat in the refrigerator, you can easily refreeze it without cooking.

3. Frozen meat expires: Like other things in life, preparation is an important key. If the meat is properly stored in vacuum-sealed packages and then stored at the perfect temperature in the right section of the freezer, it is good to go. But here you have to keep in mind that cut-up meat pieces don’t last as long as the whole cuts in the freezer.

4. Frozen meat has fewer nutrients compared to its fresh alternatives: Another big misconception about frozen meat is that it has fewer nutrients compared to fresh meat. But the truth is that frozen meat like frozen turkey leg Singapore can perfectly retain the nutritional values while sometimes being higher in minerals and vitamins like frozen vegetables and fruits compared to the fresh materials.

5. Frozen meat can be stored anywhere in the freezer: This is another misconception that you must be aware of before purchasing frozen meat. Not every area of your freezer is perfect for storing frozen meat. Just think about the freezer door. As much as you open the door and close, the temperature will fluctuate more than other sections of the freezer. So, if you are planning for long-term freezing of meat, store it towards the bottom or back of the freezer.

6. Freezing meat would kill the bacteria: This is another misconception. Freezing doesn’t kill the bacteria, it slows their growth. When you thaw and cook the meat, cooking it at the right temperature is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of the bacteria. It makes the meat safe to eat. The best thing about freezing is that it doesn’t destroy the nutrients of the products. The only rule of thumb is to wrap the meat hygienically before storing it to avoid the chance of cross-contamination in the freezer. After that, you can cook or grill the meat anytime as per your preference.