Types Of Cookies You Can Order When You Decide To Buy French Food Online

If you are a cookie enthusiast, it often becomes tough to devise a well-planned list of your favorite cookies. As the list is quite long, you must not want to miss the seriously moreish treats. So, when you plan to buy French food online, here are the popular types of French cookies you will not want to miss out on.

1. Galettes: These cookies are the staple of every French home and people love them for their generous sizes and buttery flavors. Being tasty yet simple, these shortbread biscuits are not only perfect for quick snacking, but they are also often available in sandwiched variants with delectable jam fillings. And the best things about these cookies are their crumbly, soft texture with the hint of nutty aroma and a salty subtle aftertaste.

2. Bredele: This variant of a luscious and soft cookie is the home product of Alsace and it is the perfect blend of the ultimate flavors of Europe. So, these cookies are considered to be the important components of festive treats when they are served with hearty mulled wine and gingerbread figures. These cookies are available in bite-sized fun shapes that can perfectly fill up your mood according to the holiday spirit. These cookies are very crumbly and come with the enchanting aroma of cinnamon or aniseed.

3. Sables: Also named Sables Breton, they are crumbly delicate cookies, which originate from Normandy. These butter biscuits are known for their instantly recognizable and unimaginably moreish texture. In Normandy, these cookies are served over the charcuterie board, embellished with tasty fruit jams or chocolate ganache. So, these
cookies are the perfect option for you if you want to stay away from the overpowering sweet treats. And you can often dip these cookies into rich nut butter of your
preference for a pep-up.

4. Palets Breton: Also known as Traou-Mad, this is one of the popular options to consider if you are a true cookie lover. These irresistibly buttery and thick cookies are originated from Brittany and they are available in generous-sized treats. So, if you want to enjoy the unparalleled rich texture of these cookies, you can get this French food delivered from the online supermarket and serve it with Vin Chaud, which is a hot, spiced wine.

5. Barquette: Although they are not like traditional cookies, they are known for their light and crispy pastry forms. These cookies are available in boat-shaped, small tasty shells, which are mostly served as desserts with the afternoon coffee. Some of the manufacturers often convert the conventional barquettes into bite-sized sophisticated biscuits with strawberry and apricot fillings. And these cookies are just perfect to munch on any time of the day. Sometimes, they also work as the perfect sweet appetizers when embellished with chocolate ganache, berries, or simple berries.

6. Palmier: These cookies are well known for their beautiful looks and addictive texture. While several flaky layers of buttery sweetness help the cookies to get the perfect heart shape, they are named after the palm trees. And the irresistible flavor is one thing that sets the taste of these cookies apart. Besides, these cookies are crispy, crunchy, and temptingly melty from the very first bite.

7. Tartlets: When you talk about pastry shells, you can’t leave without mentioning this variant of French cookies. This typical Tart dessert perfectly lays the base for creating some teeny-tiny variants of Tartlets cookies. And the best thing about these cookies is that they are often available in some great flavors like bright lemon, raspberry, caramel, and chocolate. These things make these cookies perfect for every palate.

8. Petit Beurre: These are the classic golden, mouth-watering cookies preferred by everyone in France.