What Can You Expect When Shopping From A French Grocer?

The truth is that grocery shopping is not great fun. And if you are someone, who prefers to dread the queues, crowds, and lugging the heavy bags home afterward, then shopping from a French grocery store is the best option to choose. All you have to do here is to choose the supermarket or grocery store of your preference, browse through the grocery options and make the purchase. Whether you are planning to buy gourmet meats, healthy food items, or booze, the French grocery stores in Singapore will always make you spoilt for the choice. And with the growth of the French community, the popularity of these markets is also growing rapidly.

But before you visit a grocery store in Singapore, here are the things you have to check:

1. These stores are not available 24/7- French people don’t follow the 7 days a week, 24- hour shopping culture. So, most supermarkets and grocery stores are usually open from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm on Monday to Saturday. In the tourist areas, the supermarkets are sometimes open till 9 am. But it is better to check things in advance.

2. Prices can elevate in the tourist seasons- Although the cost of products in the French grocer is almost similar to grocery stores of other countries, you will not find real bargains in the French superstores. Besides, the rates of products often differ from one store to another. In some cases, prices often vary depending on the geographic location of the store. For instance, smaller supermarkets in the rural areas are more expensive and the rates are often hiked during tourist seasons to ensure increased footfall.

3. French people prefer organic products- In recent times, organic food and grocery products have become very popular in France. And now the organic market is also taking the share of the hygiene and cosmetic market increasingly. So, when you will visit any popular French supermarket Singapore, you can expect to get different types of organic products. The French grocery stores are known for offering a wide range of international fine foods including terrine, cheese, foie gras, duck rillette, and wine from France. Apart from the pantry, meat, and seafood staples, these stores also feature Italian sections where you can find stuffed frozen pasta.+

4. These stores also offer some non-food items- Like the supermarkets of other countries, the French supermarkets also offer different types of beauty and hygiene products, garden and gardening products, household products, wrapping papers and cards, stationery items, clothes, ornaments, CDs, books, toys, etc.

5. These stores often offer locally produced products- When you visit a supermarket in France, you can only expect to find products from different parts of the globe. French people always think about what they consume and French people prefer to “eat local”. And therefore, they always give privilege to micro and regional local products. Besides, they also focus on the food and wine from the country producers. Except for the low- cost French supermarkets, the majority of the large-sized supermarkets come with in- house fishmongers and butchers. Apart from that, you can also find fresh loaves and baguettes.

6. The French grocery and supermarket stores don’t stock medicines: By visiting French grocery stores, you will not find any shelves dedicated to health products and non- prescribed medicines like cough medicines, aspirins, or remedies for an upset stomach. But some supermarkets often stock vitamin supplements. But you can purchase
chocolates and sweets in bulk from these stores.

7. The French supermarkets don’t sell mobile phone packages or insurance- You will not get mobile phone packages or insurance from a French supermarket. Besides, most French supermarkets also don’t offer cashback at the till.