A List Of Items That You Must Buy When Visiting The French Groceries

The French fine food items and wine are popular all around the globe. So, if you are planning to visit a French grocery store during your stay in Singapore, here are a few items that you can buy.

1. Readymade Cream Brulee: It is impossible to miss the yogurt section of a French supermarket where you will find row after row of ready-to-consume desserts like tiramisu, and chocolate mousse. And the readymade cream Brulee is another popular French dessert that would win you over. Just sprinkle the crumble caramel onto the custard and watch how it melts like magic into the hard crust of Brulee.
2. Family packs of Madeleines: If you visit the large French groceries, then you will find that there is a complete section dedicated to the scalloped tea cookies that you can buy in 36 and 24 count value packs. The best Madeleines are buttery and eggy with a hint of coconut.
3. Tiny goat cheese: You will find a wide range of c_rottins de chevre or soft-ripened rounds of goat’s milk cheese in every French supermarket that would be under two inches in diameter. These cheese cubes are available with a nutty, mild flavor and consistency that is similar to the triple-cream brie. But surprisingly, each cheese cube costs less than a euro.
4. Butter with sea salt: Whether it is because of the higher fat content than the American butter or the grass-fed diet of French cows, French butter is always better. And the fleur de sel, and delicate sea salt crystals add savory crunch to the butter. This also makes the butter unforgettable.
5. Juice syrups for cordials: The most popular French juice sirop is the Grenadine, but there are many other types of flavors starting from peach to lavender to mint, which are equally popular. These syrups are blended with water for preparing brightly colored cordials that are then consumed like soft drinks.
6. Pate in a jar: When it is not served fresh, Pate is usually preserved in glass jars with rubber seals. And you can find a wide range of canned and jarred pates, foie gras, terrine, and confits in the frozen daily section of the French supermarkets along with canned meats.
7. Canned Cassoulet: This is one of the most popular items to choose from when you visit a French grocery to buy French food online. Making cassoulet includes shimmering tomatoes, white beans, wine, and a range of sausage and confits, and wine for hours. Apart from that, you can choose the La Belle Chaurienne canned cassoulet and can garnish it with breadcrumbs and then heat it in the oven. And the outcome can be like the homemade one.
8. Escargot: If you want to be a little adventurous cook, then you can prepare this dish on your own. You can find frozen and canned snail in the grocery stores and sometimes they are even available pre-cooked at the deli. And they are available cheap. For example, you can get a dozen of pre-cooked snails at less than a euro.
9. Marshmallow bears: The marshmallows are originated from France and the milk chocolate and oursons guimauve covered marshmallow teddy bears are highly popular among French kids and adults. So, you can easily give it a try.
10. Chestnut paste: If you want to try the classic crème de marrons, then let me tell you that it is made of Clement Faugiere brand and sold in tubes and cans that are very similar to toothpaste. And the best thing about this slightly fruity and sweet paste is that it goes perfectly on crepes, toasts, and croissants.


Why Should You Depend On Online Groceries To Buy Products Like Frozen Ravioli Singapore?

These days, it is very common for us to shop online for necessary things like music, electronics, books, clothes, shoes, makeup products, etc. But considering the lack of time and the state of traffic in the big cities, online grocery shopping has now become the next big thing. In Singapore, many online grocery stores offer everything starting from fresh vegetables, to meat and fruit, right at your doorstep.

Now if you want to know the reasons why you should give a try to French groceries online, then here are the details:

1. More variations: Like other eCommerce businesses, online grocery stores also include a wide variety of products including premium quality groceries that you will not find at your local grocery stores. The majority of the big online grocery stores include millions of products of different brands. Discovering products is easier here and you will also find the deals special items in a single place. And the best thing that I like about these online grocery stores is that they often stock products of imported brands that are usually hard to find.
2. Quick price comparisons: When you shop from offline grocery stores, you can only compare the prices of products by visiting several shops. But online grocery shops have made things easier as here the price comparison is just a matter of a few minutes. And these days, with an increasing number of online grocery stores in and around Singapore, it has become even easier to compare the rates of products on different portals to find out the lowest product rates.
3. Smart shopping and smart delivery: In Western countries, the online food market is still a niche segment. A perfectly balanced assortment is necessary for sustainable growth like logistics requirements, profitability, and costs that significantly differ across different product categories. The online grocers mostly work as niche players in large metropolitan cities while selling small assortments of premium quality fresh products like frozen ravioli Singapore that are geared towards the less price-sensitive buyers. Besides, these grocers work with different shopping partners and logistics to offer home delivery services.
4. Different types of delivery options: Almost all the major online grocers offer same-day delivery service to the buyers as long as certain conditions are met. Some of them even offer delivery service within several hours of placing orders. All you have to do here is to select a delivery slot that is suitable for your needs. These stores work all day in a week. Therefore, there is no need to worry about their working hours or holidays.
5. Easy return of products: People often consider online grocery stores inconvenient as they don’t get the scope to check the products before purchasing. And this is a big issue when it comes to purchasing perishable items. Therefore, these online stores like Foie Gras supermarket offer easy return facilities of products in case of any defect. Some of the grocers even offer a “no questions asked” return policy. All you have to do here is to contact customer care and they would look after the return and refund procedure.
6. Online grocery shopping allows you to save time: This is probably the biggest advantage of shopping groceries online considering the present busy lifestyle of people. Online grocery stores allow you to shop for the desired grocery products anytime and from anywhere. And there is no need to look around. All you have to do is to look for the items that you want to purchase and add those to the cart. And this step is followed by instant checkout. So, there is no need to waste time.


The Step-By-Step Guide To Shop From The French Grocer

Food is an important part of the French culture and eating is an important part of a trip to France. But if you want to have a different experience when traveling in France, you can have a tour of the French grocery stores where the local food habits are laid bare.

Generally, French people visit the grocery stores more frequently than people of any other country. The main reasons for this are the preference for fresh products, social aspects, use of smaller refrigerators, etc. Besides, busy life also takes over. Therefore, people often choose to buy French groceries online.

In France, there are many grocery stores available of different sizes. The inner cities include mini-supermarkets that are ideal for picking some emergency items or a quick lunch. Apart from that, there are hypermarches, which carry a complete range of food items. So, when it comes to shopping in a French grocery store, here are some things you must keep in consideration:

1. Avoid visiting the grocery stores on Saturday afternoons: Unless you prefer highly trafficked parking lots and lines at the register, then don’t head out to the grocery store on Saturday afternoons. So, if you need to visit a grocery store on Saturday, then visit the smaller stores.
2. Learn the operation hours of the local grocery stores: The majority of the French grocery stores open at 8.30 or 9 am and close by 7.30 or 8 pm. And most stores are
closed on Sundays. So, plan the grocery shopping accordingly.
3. Bring the bags: Apart from the big cities like Paris, grocery bags in France are not free. The majority of the shoppers visit these stores with plastic or canvas reusable bags to haul their groceries home. You must do the same when visiting a store to get the French food delivered. Using less plastic bags is also good for the environment. And if you want to go a bit French style, then opt for a little granny cart.
4. Carry a token or one-euro coin for the shopping cart: When you decide to use a shopping cart, always bring a token or one-euro coin to release your cart from the locked cart chain. You would get the coin back after returning and locking back the cart.
5. Get the loyalty card: Sign up for the loyalty cards of the grocery stores like The French Grocer to get the best deal on products. Although in some cases you can have some on- the-spot discounts, the majority of these cards work by accumulating discounts or points as the credit to use later.
6. Eggs and milk are available in general counters: Although in other countries, eggs and milk are generally found in the refrigerated sections of the grocery stores, in France, you will find them in the general aisle. The reason behind it is that eggs in France are differently processed than in any other country. So, it is very safe to leave them at room temperature. For milk, the unopened UHT (ultra-high temperature) milk is stored at room temperature because of the way the milk is processed and packaged. In some cases, some variants of milk are also available in the refrigerated section.
7. Carry your cash or chip card: This is an obvious and important step. Carry enough cash or your card with you to pay for the items you want to buy.
8. Weigh the bought items properly before registering: In some French grocery stores, you need to weigh all the products and then have to print the price sticker on the bag before registering. Remember that the cashier will not do it for you.