A Pop of Champagne to Usher in 2023

Premier Cru, Grand Cru, Autre Cru…we might see these labels often when we shop for a bottle of champagne, and they look professional but what do they exactly mean? In this article, we are going to shed light on how to choose the perfect champagne and understand some commonly used terms in the industry. And hopefully with that, you can apply this newfound knowledge to pick up some champagne to usher in 2023 with family and friends!

Let’s start with the labels. The three terms that we mentioned above are simply an indication of how the vineyards are classified according to their capability to produce excellent-category grapes used to make champagne. As the name implies, Premier Cru and Grand Cru naturally mean that the categories are ranked higher than Autre Cru but generally all standards are of a reasonable quality so don’t be too concerned about these labels…we aren’t all connoisseurs!

The next thing we are going to look at is the “style” which we can sometimes see on the bottle such as “Blanc de Blancs”, “Blanc de Noirs” and “Rosé”. The first one translates directly into “White of Whites” which means that the champagne is made using 100% white grapes. They usually present citrusy or apple-like notes that might please those who are inclined towards fruity champagnes. For Blanc de Noirs, it translates into “White of Blacks” – and you guessed it, such champagnes are made from a 100% concentration of black grapes.

Therefore they typically present a berry-like depth that can be rather refreshing. The last term is Rosé which we assume most readers are familiar with – they are made by combining white champagne with a small amount of red wine to give it that elegant pink hue and subtle fruit flavour.

And finally, the sweetness level. If you’re leaning on the sweet side when it comes to wines, look for labels that have the term “Doux” as they are generally more sweet-tasting. On the other end is “Brut Nature” which is more controlled in its sweetness. Now that you know these basic terms, why not consider our Roger Coulon Heri-Hodie Brut champagne at https://thefrenchgrocer.com/product/champagne-roger-coulon-heri-hodie-brut-75cl-nv     to usher in 2023? This white-golden coloured wine has a delicate and elegant bouquet of flavours that’s absolutely charming and stimulating!

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