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Simple Côte de Boeuf Recipe

Ever been to a restaurant in France and the waiter recommends you a “côte de boeuf”? This is a very popular and excellent cut of beef, and is commonly served along a variety of specialty sauce. However, do you know what cut of meat does “côte de boeuf” refer to? It is actually a thick-cut […]

Lamb Meat in Focus

This month, The French Grocer is all about the beautiful and succulent lamb meat. That’s why we have prepared for you a wonderful selection of lamb meats on our online shop including rack of lamb, lamb tenderloin, lamb leg bone and of course, lamb shank. In this article, we are going to share a simple […]

Enjoy Your Rum The French Grocer Way

We all love a drink or two after work at our favourite watering hole and there is a huge variety of alcoholic beverages that we can choose from. Whenever the topic of having a drink comes up, rum is surely one of the popular options because it is so versatile. It is simply perfect for […]

New Product In-Store: Stracciatella Cheese

  What is Stracciatella cheese? The name may not be too common in the world of cheese that we normally see in supermarkets like cheddar, brie or mozzarella but it can certainly be an interesting addition to your culinary ideas! So what exactly is Stracciatella cheese? It is actually a traditional type of Italian cheese […]

New Caledonia: Cultivation of Exceptional Vanilla

New Caledonia has a special place in our heart because this beautiful island is where we source the world-famous vanilla pods and flowery honey. The vanilla, for example, is of such exceptional grading that even Michelin-restaurants in Singapore partner with us to feature it in their dessert creations! So you can tell that we only […]

A Pop of Champagne to Usher in 2023

Premier Cru, Grand Cru, Autre Cru…we might see these labels often when we shop for a bottle of champagne, and they look professional but what do they exactly mean? In this article, we are going to shed light on how to choose the perfect champagne and understand some commonly used terms in the industry. And […]

Christmas With A Chef’s Touch

Come home for Christmas at The French Grocer this festive period as we assemble the finest foods and ingredients for you in a very special menu. Sourced from near and afar, we have curated a delectable variety of foods that will surely delight your family and friends at the dining table! Here’s a quick look […]

How to Cook Al Dente Pasta

Pasta is a common go-to meal for many of us because it is easy to prepare (even in bigger portions) and also because there are so many types of meat protein to add for enhanced nutrition. But do you know how to get that perfect plate of al dente pasta that springs delightfully in the […]

The Acclaimed Mont d’Or Vacherin Cheese

Often celebrated as the “holy grail” of cheese, the Vacherin Mont d’Or is an exquisite type of cheese that comes from the Haut-Doubs region of France. Enjoyed either cold or warm, its rich, creamy consistency truly pleases the palette after a quick warm-up in the oven. What makes this cheese so exclusive is also the […]

The Remarkable Wonders of Honey

At The French Grocer, our pantry is stocked with a variety of food such as canned tomatoes, olive oil and even Basmati rice, but what we are most eager to present in today’s article is honey from Lifou, New Caledonia! The beauty of New Caledonia New Caledonia is a French territory comprising dozens of islands […]