Enjoy Your Rum The French Grocer Way

We all love a drink or two after work at our favourite watering hole and there is a huge variety of alcoholic beverages that we can choose from. Whenever the topic of having a drink comes up, rum is surely one of the popular options because it is so versatile. It is simply perfect for any occasion; from a sunny outdoor picnic to a cold evening when you need something warmish to unwind. But do you know the different ways to mix rum for a refreshing pick-me-up? In this article, we guide you through some beverages that work miraculously to create a simple but refreshing rum cocktail!

Rum and Tonic Water

Let’s start with a common one. With its characteristic bittersweet quality, tonic is actually a versatile mixer that goes well with rum. Add a splash of tonic to rum and it will develop something that is sweet and full of depth. Simply fill a highball glass with ice and use one part rum to four parts tonic. Then shake it well and add some mint leaves to garnish. Voilà!

Rum and Lime Juice

Now let’s go to the zesty one. The uplifting notes of lemon and lime contrast perfectly with the spiced tones of rum to create a wonderful concoction that will have you returning for more! To make a simple mixture, add lime juice, some mint leaves and sugar into a cocktail shaker and shake it up for a good 30 seconds. After that, add in about 150ml of rum and shake again until they’re fully mixed. Finally, add a dash of soda water if you prefer.

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