Exceptional Vanilla in New Caldonia!

New Caledonia is a magical destination – in fact, it is literally the heart of the pacific. New Caledonia is vast, unique and diverse French overseas territory with an equally wide variety of alluring landscapes, interesting cultures and outdoor activities. The group of islands look like they came right out of a postcard, bursting with colours and filled with people from all walks of life. New Caledonia is quite simply the travel inspiration that you have been looking for. But did you know that this paradise on earth is also home to some of the most amazing vanilla? That’s why our team at The French Grocer insists on sourcing vanilla beans from New Caledonia, specifically from the island of Lifou!

But what makes this particular vanilla so special? Firstly, the islands are free of agricultural diseases and the producers do not use any pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, they use a special compost that is made of coconut and vegetable. This is why the vanilla harvest is 100% natural, unlike other varieties in the market that may have been contaminated in the planting or harvesting process.

Secondly, New Caledonia’s sun and rainfall amount is just right to provide excellent growth conditions for local vanilla harvesters. The first plantations on the island actually started quite recently in 1993 but today, almost half of all local producers are in the business of vanilla growing. Quite simply, vanilla has become the essence of “natural gold” in New Caledonia!

The vanilla beans on The French Grocer online shop are certified Grade ‘A’ Bourbon Planifolia Beans. They are available in convenient packaging weights from 50g to 250g. Featuring subtle notes of fruits, caramel, cacao and prunes, these beans are perfect for your culinary creations from pastries to desserts. They are even used by Michelin chefs in Singapore for their famed dessert creations! So why not try our vanilla beans at: https://thefrenchgrocer.com/product/lifou-new-caledonia-premium-vanilla-bourbon- planifolia-beans-grade-a-beans

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