Fruit Juices Made With Passion

That is the promise of Maison Patrick Font – a family business that produces high-quality nectars and juices. At The French Grocer, we are delighted to introduce an exotic range of Patrick Font fruit juices directly imported from France!

But what’s so special about these juices, you might ask? It was back in 1986 that Patrick Font took over the cultivation of his parents’ orchards, close to Monts du Lyonnais, nestled in the heart of the stunning Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. He took the decision to transform this into a fruit juice production plant in 1993, using all of his expertise, passion for nature and the rich diversity of flavours to grow his business.

With very exacting standards in the selection of fruits, Patrick Font has been able to develop a unique collection of some 40 flavours, each just as intense as they are bursting in taste, and combining excellence, authenticity and intensity. Patrick Font has developed recipes which perfectly highlight the flavours of the carefully selected fruit and vegetables from the highest quality orchards. And so, it is thanks to his devoted and passionate work, that juices and nectars made by Patrick Font are today so revered in the gourmet world and served at the table of some of the finest chefs!

Furthermore, the rigorous selection of the fruits and the precision of the equipment allows them to use the best fruits that reached maturity according to the rhythm of the seasons. This house has a vast collection of rich and diverse fruit juices, packaged in elegant glass bottles to best express all of the natural flavours with sophistication.

The French Grocer highly recommends these flavours:

Organic Lychee: glass-bottle

Gamay Pink Grape: 25cl-patrick-font-glass-bottle

Merlot Red Grape: 25cl-patrick-font-glass-bottle

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