How to Cook Al Dente Pasta

Pasta is a common go-to meal for many of us because it is easy to prepare (even in bigger portions) and also because there are so many types of meat protein to add for enhanced nutrition. But do you know how to get that perfect plate of al dente pasta that springs delightfully in the mouth? Read on to get a few easy pointers!

Pasta is easy to cook and so we need not fuss over the type of pot—it can be small or large depending on what you have in the kitchen but many chefs prefer a deep pot because long strands of spaghetti can sink to the bottom more quickly. Do remember, however, that you would require more salt if you’re starting out with more water in a big pot. We’re going to toss in some salt next as soon as the water is boiling. You should have heard of this “allimportant” step because it helps to give flavour to the pasta other than the sauce, which you stir in at the end. Aim for 1 tablespoon of salt for every 16 cups of water, which works out to about 500g of pasta.

Stir the boiling water as soon as you put the pasta in. This prevents them from sticking to one another or to the side of the pot. Taste the pasta soon so that you have time to adjust the cooking time if it has not yet reached a level of al dente. It should be chewy and slightly firm at the core. Finally, stir in your sauce of choice and garnish!

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