If It’s Foie Gras, It’s French!

For Rougié, ducks are quite a story…indeed! In this blog post, we are delighted to share the premium and exquisite foie gras from our trusted supplier, Rougié. These escalopes (sliced pieces) of foie gras are a treat on the dining table for any occasion, with family and friends.

It all started in the land of foie gras (France) in 1875, with the opening of a gourmet shop, which would soon become an epicurean’s favourite. On the strength of its increasingly wide reputation, the firm led by Léonce Rougié and subsequently by his son, Jean Rougié, gained a truly international stature in the 1950’s. Today, Rougié can be found in 120 countries around the world, available to Chefs and gourmets wherever they go. And that’s why we are certain of Rougie’s quality and its brand promise.

Foie gras may seem like an indulgent treat in Michelin restaurants but they can also be easily enjoyed in the comfort of your home. This delicacy is well-rooted in France and has a rich, buttery taste. Above all, it has a delicate profile, which makes it a suitable complement with other foods such as figs, pears, grapes or dates. You can also spread some light fruit jam and compote on it to bring out its delightful texture. Another common way of enjoying foie gras is also to serve it with baguette and a sprinkling of white pepper. Some people may also choose to eat foie gras on its own in order to experience the full flavour that is so rich and decadent!

As with all French food, they go exceptionally well with a glass of red or white! In terms of wine pairing for foie gras, we recommend sweet wines such as Sauternes, Jurançon and even good old sparkling champagne.

This product is cut by hand from the best foie gras and individually quick frozen immediately after harvest. They are easy to prepare when still frozen: All you need is 2 minutes each side over medium heat then add salt and pepper to taste. This way, you’ll keep the delicate flavour profile intact! Get it here at: https://thefrenchgrocer.com/product/rougie-raw-duck-liver- presliced-40-60g-pc-20pcs-1kg-bag-frozen

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