Kaluga Queen Hybrid Caviar

Caviar may look like a decadent luxury food and choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task but don’t let that put you off. In this article, we share The French Grocer’s Kaluga Queen Crossbreed Caviar that has the distinction as one of the world’s most sought after gourmet foods – the pearl of all pearls! The Kaluga is a type of large freshwater sturgeon capable of growing to sizes of over 18 feet (3m) long and weighing at a maximum of 2,200 pounds (1,100kg). They feed on salmon and other food in the river basin, spending part of their life in salt water. And did you know that an adult female Kaluga can produce up to 44 pounds of caviar?

The hybrid sturgeon is a crossbreed from Kaluga and Amur. The caviar matures from the 8th to 10th year. The Kaluga sturgeon takes up to 20 years to mature and produce its much sought- after caviar. And what do the Kaluga roes look like? They have a glossy light to deep brown or golden hue and the texture is firm and smooth. The flavour profile presents itself as earthy and buttery with a subtle salty note. Very delicate!

As Kaluga caviar is a delicate product, processing methods need to be specific to its requirements. It undergoes the highest sanitation standards at no more than 10 degree Celsius temperature to preserve its natural flavour.

Looking for an easy caviar “recipe”? Good caviar needs very little to shine. In fact, it is best to consume it in the simplest way. The most popular method is to enjoy it on crackers but you can also have it on warm food such as scrambled eggs! Make sure you work on low heat for the eggs and stir constantly, then add whipping cream to make the eggs deliciously soft. Shop for The French Grocer’s Kaluga Queen Hybrid Caviar here: https://thefrenchgrocer.com/product/kaluga-queen-crossbreed-caviar-50g-tin

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