Mozzarella – Queen of Mediterranean Cuisine

Defined as the undisputed queen of Mediterranean cuisine, mozzarella is characterised by a smooth texture and a delicate flavour, and takes its name from the operation of “docking” made by the cheesemaker to give shape to the different cheese. Enough of the technicalities, mozzarella is typically a southern Italian cheese made from buffalo’s milk by the pasta filata method. Fresh mozzarella is generally white but when seasoned it turns to a light yellow depending on the animal’s diet. Due to its high moisture content, it is traditionally served the day after it is made, but can be kept in a brine for up to a week (or even longer when sold in sealed packages).

At The French Grocer, we carry a huge selection of French cheese (of course!) but our spotlight today falls on the absolutely delectable Mozzarella Pugliese from Italy! Fairly common in supermarkets and gourmet cheese shops, we enjoy mozzarella as a creamy addition to our dishes and we’re only limited by our imagination on how to incorporate it! Here are some ways to enjoy mozzarella in all its natural goodness:

Lasagna: get the real taste of Italy with this comfort food that goes perfectly with mozzarella. The layered mix of pasta, meat and cheese will surely delight everyone at the dining table!

Baked garlic bread: Smell the goodness as this cheese melts in the oven together with all that garlicky fragrance! Try it to see the difference mozzarella makes!

Baked tomatoes: Stack up sliced tomatoes on mozzarella and pop it into the oven for a simple yet amazing dish. Then drizzle some balsamic vinegar for that extra oomph!

We could go on about this wonderful cheese but why not visit our online shop at to pick up a few packets and try out the recipes?

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