New Product In-Store: Stracciatella Cheese


What is Stracciatella cheese? The name may not be too common in the world of cheese that we normally see in supermarkets like cheddar, brie or mozzarella but it can certainly be an interesting addition to your culinary ideas! So what exactly is Stracciatella cheese? It is actually a traditional type of Italian cheese that is made from pulled mozzarella curds mixed with some fresh cream. This cheese is in fact the filling of a Burrata (an Italian cow milk cheese with a solid outer casing) so it has a semi-liquid consistency therefore spooning it out will be easier.

Stracciatella is made using fresh fresh mozzarella shreds and is becoming popular as a topping for pizzas, salads or an appetizer with freshly-baked breads. It tastes similar to mozzarella but just a little milder and acidic. However, the texture is incredible – it is buttery smooth, creamy and divinely silky!

The biggest question is: how should we appreciate Straticciatella cheese? It is a very versatile cheese and because of its subtle depth, it complements many foods without overpowering them. You can spread this cheese on warm toast and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil then grind some fresh black pepper to finish off on an earthy note. You can also use it as a topping for pizza that is piping hot from the oven. It will serve as a magnificent topping as it slowly melts to form a delicious sticky gooey layer. You can also serve it with roasted root vegetables and some tomatoes before drizzling balsamic vinegar.

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