The Acclaimed Mont d’Or Vacherin Cheese

Often celebrated as the “holy grail” of cheese, the Vacherin Mont d’Or is an exquisite type of cheese that comes from the Haut-Doubs region of France. Enjoyed either cold or warm, its rich, creamy consistency truly pleases the palette after a quick warm-up in the oven. What makes this cheese so exclusive is also the fact that it is seasonal—available only through the months of September to March of the following year, it is made from milk of cows that has gently changed after autumn, giving it its characteristic fatty taste.

The changing of season and how it affects the cow’s milk is of particular interest here. During the warmer spring and summer months, the herd graze on high alpine pastures and produce greater quantities of milk for their offspring during this period. As autumn nears, the cows stop having calves thus reducing their milk production. This is why the milk extracted during this period is richer and creamier, rendering it less suitable for other types of cheese such as Gruyère. However, the milk quality is simply perfect for making Mont d’Or Vacherin cheese!

This special cheese is ripened and encased in a spruce container thus giving it a unique “woodsy” fragrance. There are many ways to enjoy this cheese and it’s certainly up to individual preference but we recommend two broad and simple methods to get the most out of this exquisite cheese. You could simply spoon it out and eat it on its own or go for the heated option (which is also the most flavoursome!) For this method, add a dash of white wine and grind some black pepper over the cheese before popping it into the oven.

We love it over hot potatoes or green pickles but in all honesty, just pick your favourite food and drizzle this cheese over it…you won’t go wrong! We are taking orders now so head on down to to indicate your interest today

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