The Marvels of Cooking & Whipping Cream (All-in-One!)

We’ve seen whipped cream in supermarkets – and of course, in our desserts but do you know what you can do with cooking & whipping cream? It is a highly versatile type of cream and in this article, we’re going to share some simple dishes that would be simply perfect with this product. At The French Grocer, we introduce to you Candia 30% fat UHT Professional Cooking & Whip Cream (one litre).

This excellent product from France that uses 100% French milk falls in between cooking and whipping cream. It is suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes, and performs well also as a binding agent in gratins and quiches. This is because it remains stable and homogeneous in either hot or cold preparations, even when exposed to high temperatures or over long cooking periods.

And now for the fun part! Here are some dishes where you can incorporate this product and instantly turn up the taste by several notches!

1) Gnocchi: jazz it up with pesto sauce and Candia cream

2) Strawberry cream cupcakes: simply oozing with smooth and decadent filling

3) Lasagna: the perfect combination with creamy mozzarella cheese

4) Frittata: a wonderful Italian breakfast that’s rich and creamy

5) New York mud pie: a dessert straight from heaven made better with whipped cream

6) Pasta with herbed cream sauce: add this product into the dish and feel the difference!

7) Roast beef: Pair this dish with red wine cream sauce…delectable

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