The Remarkable Wonders of Honey

At The French Grocer, our pantry is stocked with a variety of food such as canned tomatoes, olive oil and even Basmati rice, but what we are most eager to present in today’s article is honey from Lifou, New Caledonia!

The beauty of New Caledonia
New Caledonia is a French territory comprising dozens of islands in the South Pacific. It’s known for its palm-lined beaches and marine-life-rich lagoon which is among the world’s largest. A massive barrier reef surrounds the main island, Grand Terre, a major scuba-diving destination. The capital, Nouméa, is home to French-influenced restaurants and luxury boutiques selling Parisian fashions. This French territory is an unspoilt paradise with natural scenery and a mild pleasant climate. And this is why the island is such an optimal place for cultivating honey!

Honey from Lifou (A French Grocer special)
The honey that we carry on our online store does not contain any preservative, pesticide or colouring – that is our guarantee. It is 100% natural straight up from the pristine land of New Caledonia. The unique fragrance of this honey originates from the vast floral diversity on the island of Lifou. With different flowerings throughout the year and a clean environment without any trace of pesticide, the honey from Lifou has high nutritional qualities and an exceptional taste. This is an artisanal product from independent apiarists who extract, filter and decanter the honey in a modern honey house. This honey has also been awarded the Médaille d’Or au S.I.A.L de Paris!

How to store honey
You probably won’t be finishing the entire jar of liquid gold in one sitting, so how do you keep it fresh? Remember to keep the remaining content tightly-sealed and store it in a dark location. You do not need to store the honey in the fridge as it does not go bad if it is protected from moisture.

So there you have it, honey from the beautiful island of Lifou, New Caledonia! Visit our pantry at to grab a jar today!

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