Gustavsen Fossen’s Atlantic Pre-Sliced Smoked Salmon: A Culinary Legacy

In the world of smoked salmon, Gustavsen Fossen stands as a beacon of tradition and excellence. With a rich history dating back to 1972, this supplier has seamlessly blended commercial farming with two centuries of fishing and smoking tradition. Today, they continue to produce Atlantic pre-sliced smoked salmon using the time-honored methods that have been passed down through generations.

The Legacy of Gustavsen Fossen: Gustavsen Fossen’s journey began in 1972, leveraging an impressive 200 years of collective knowledge in fishing and smoking. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that they adhere to the old-fashioned way of smoking salmon, creating a product that pays homage to tradition while meeting the demands of modern consumers.

What Sets Gustavsen Fossen Apart:

  1. Heritage in Fishing and Smoking: With roots deeply embedded in both fishing and smoking traditions, Gustavsen Fossen’s expertise sets them apart from others in the industry.
  2. Commercial Farming with a Traditional Touch: By combining commercial farming practices with traditional smoking techniques, they bring a unique and authentic flavor to every slice of Atlantic smoked salmon.
  3. Attention to Quality: Gustavsen Fossen’s commitment to quality ensures that each slice of smoked salmon meets the highest standards, providing a true taste of the Atlantic.

Ways to Enjoy Gustavsen Fossen’s Atlantic Pre-Sliced Smoked Salmon:

  1. Classic Bagel and Lox:
    • Spread cream cheese on a toasted bagel.
    • Layer Gustavsen Fossen’s Atlantic smoked salmon over the cream cheese.
    • Add capers, red onion slices, and a sprig of fresh dill for a classic and satisfying meal.
  2. Smoked Salmon Salad:
    • Toss mixed greens with a light vinaigrette.
    • Top the salad with Gustavsen Fossen’s pre-sliced smoked salmon.
    • Garnish with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado for a refreshing and nutritious salad.
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