Introducing Our Second Online Shop: Gourmet Farm!

This edition of our blog is special because we’re bringing you good news from our Managing Director, Guillaume! As some of you may be aware of the recent soft launch of our second online shop through our mailers and Instagram feed, we have completed the final touches and are ready to go!

Gourmet Farm is born out of a passion to deliver the finest foods and ingredients from all over the world. It is a complementary site to our flagship brand “The French Grocer” as we strive to import more quality options to our valued customers. At The Gourmet Farm, you will be able to find even more choices that delight your guests whether for an intimate candlelight dinner, a family gathering or a reunion with old friends!

Capitalising on his savoir-faire and industry contacts, Guillaume promises only premium products in his second online shop. He frequently connects with trusted suppliers to gather the latest information on new products that will dazzle your dining table on any occasion.

Guillaume not only handles the back-end logistics of importing and delivering these products, he also carefully inspects them to make sure that you get 100% quality-assured purchases, all the time – a personal touch!

We’re officially inviting you to head over to now for some of the best selections on top of what we are offering at The French Grocer! Here’s a sneak preview of our best sellers:


Smoked Salmon Fillet: pkt

Italy Parmigiano Reggiano: months-chilled

Australia Angus Beef Cuberoll Ribeye: angus-grainfed-cuberoll-ribeye-mbs4-4-5kg-whole-slab-portions-chilled

N25 Kaluga Hybrid Caviar: acipenser-schrenckii-huso-dauricus-tin


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