New Caledonia “Frosted” Vanilla…A Unique Variety!

It’s official. The newest batch of vanilla beans from New Caledonia has been imported and I am delighted to share this good news with all my friends and commercial partners of The French Grocer! As you know, I travel the world frequently in search of good food and ingredients that I can bring to the dining table and this quest has brought me to New Caledonia, birthplace of the mesmerisingly fragrant vanilla. If you are familiar with the variety from Madagascar, you’d be amazed by this batch from New Caledonia because of the terrain’s stunning climate that allows them to grow into one of the world’s most appreciated varieties!

But first, before we get into why this variety is so special, let me walk you through the incredible landscape of New Caledonia. It is a magical paradise where there is abundant sunshine and just the right amount of rainfall all year round. This creates a conducive environment for the cultivation of vanilla especially one where the harvesting process is entirely managed by hand. On this enchanting island thus comes a beautiful variety that top chefs love — or what they call frosted”. You might recognise this variety when you see the French word “grivée”. This is a unique phenomenon that happens during during storage when the humidity level reaches between 45% and 50%. Here, the vanillin comes into contact with the air on the surface of the pods and forms crystallisation, giving the impression that the vanilla beans are frosted!

This is a unique variety boasting aromas of prune, cacao and fruit confit, making it the top choice among celebrated chefs like Guy Martin. Interested to find out more about this intriguing vanilla?

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