Christmas With A Chef’s Touch

Come home for Christmas at The French Grocer this festive period as we assemble the finest foods and ingredients for you in a very special menu. Sourced from near and afar, we have curated a delectable variety of foods that will surely delight your family and friends at the dining table! Here’s a quick look at what we have prepared for you.

Roast Stuffed Chicken With Pumpkin and a Side of Roasted Vegetables

Bored of the usual turkey for Christmas? Why not switch it up for something more interesting like this unique creation from Chef Julien Bompard of Restaurant Saint Julien? This stuffed whole chicken is conveniently deboned for preparation and best of all, you only need to reheat it…no additional cooking required! This wonderful recipe is complemented with a generous serving of roasted vegetables and also comes with herbs, spinach, garlic, onions, carrots and seasonings for that specially infused flavour. Simply perfect for up to 6 guests, we’re sure this creation will be the conversation of the evening!

Reheating Instructions:

  • Thaw the whole chicken and accompaniment (vegetables) for an hour before reheating
  • Remove plastic lid before reheating
  • Put the chicken and vegetables together with an aluminium tray into the oven and set it to 160C /356F for 45 (Take note that the temperature may have to be adjusted slightly according to size and model of oven)
  • Your Christmas meal is now ready to serve! If you wish to wait for guests to be ready, you may keep it in the oven at 90C.

Remember to consume it within 3 days upon thawing.

We hope you will enjoy this very special recipe from Chef Julien Bompard while we bring you more amazing collaborations with other big names in the culinary world. To make an order for this item, simply visit:

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