The French Grocer Festive Menu 2023

It’s that time of the year again as we usher in a very magical season with family and friends. In good old tradition, The French Grocer proposes a finely-curated menu of foods and ingredients every year that will surely delight everyone at the dining table. These premium delicacies include an assortment of beef fillet, lamb racks, scallops, tiger prawns, crab meat, French cheese and so much more. And how could we forget champagne and sweet desserts to finish off the meal!

From the main dish to wine and dessert, here’s a quick look at what friends of The French Grocer will be putting into their shopping cart this year! Check out the full menu here at:

Argentina Angus Beef Rib Bone (Grain-Fed, Raw, 700g):

This tender slab of meat is perfect for roasting in the oven with herbs, salt-and-pepper seasoning, and marinade. Simply carve the meat away from the bone before serving.

Cooked Turkey Breast Stuffed With Truffles:

This product is pre-cooked so all you need is to pop it into the oven for a quick reheating. You can’t miss this classic Yuletide dish!

Andros Sweetened Strawberry Puree (1kg):

Prepare a sumptuous round of dessert with this flavoursome product that contains a minimum of 90% fruit content! Enjoy its all-natural recipe with no added preservatives.

Champagne Roger Coulon Heri-Hodie Premier Cru Brut:

This champagne needs little introduction: its white-golden coloured profile boasts a delicate fruity bouquet of red berries…so pleasing on the palette!

La Rose Noire Assorted Mini Macarons:

Nobody can say no to desserts, especially the sweet French delights, macarons! Available in a tantalising selection of flavours such as coffee, lemon, earl grey, passion fruit and more.

Hungarian Raw Whole Goose:

This is a traditional alternative to the Christmas turkey but equally appetising! When roasted, it has a full-bodied and rich flavour.

Australian Raw Whole Turkey With Stuffing:

Raised in large barns without added hormones, these turkeys are as organic as they come! Pop it into the oven for a grand Christmas feast!

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