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The Remarkable Wonders of Honey

At The French Grocer, our pantry is stocked with a variety of food such as canned tomatoes, olive oil and even Basmati rice, but what we are most eager to present in today’s article is honey from Lifou, New Caledonia! The beauty of New Caledonia New Caledonia is a French territory comprising dozens of islands […]

Recipe For Moules Poulette (Mussels in White Wine and Cream)

Mussels are in season now and what better way to enjoy this protein-rich delicacy than a tray of premium mussels from The French Grocer! Here, we share with you a time-tested recipe of mussels in white wine and crème fraiche (commonly known as “Moules Poulette” in French). The quality of our mussels are guaranteed Mussels […]

Top Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

Even though Covid-19 may have accelerated the boom of online shopping (including that of groceries), did you know that e-commerce is not merely an alternative to brick-and-mortar shops but has many other benefits of its own? Save more time When you are at a physical supermarket, you tend to spend more time walking up and […]

Pairing Cheese and Wine – A Few Simple Tips

We all enjoy a cheese platter from time to time, during leisurely weekend picnics or a simple gathering with family and friends. But did you know that if you pair cheese with the appropriate kind of wine, you would be able to enhance their flavours to the fullest? Read on to find out about our […]